"Basia is an exceptional wedding photographer and a reliable professional pleasant to work with. She doesn't just make a photo report from an event. She follows each moment, movement, and gesture. The same time she is invisible, noninvasive so her presence during the ceremony and the reception was barely noticeable what let us be natural and free. And so are the photos. With the difficult weather conditions she made the light working in her favour. Her outstanding skills: attention to details, sensibility to the emotions, sense of timing together with selective framing let her to take the best of our wedding day and transfer it into the photos. We highly recommend her services to anyone who would like their wedding story to be told in a sensitive way with a hint of a fairytale".
 Anna and Moe
“We have had a good look through the photos and we are really pleased, thank you! You worked your way
 around the venue and took some really beautiful pictures.”
Rosa and David

“Great, it still feels way too little for the great work you have done! It is seriously fantastic. 
And also one thing lots of our friends and family have commented on, was that they never saw a photographer
 or can't remember to have seen one. This is a great gift to be able to hide among the people and is certainly the 
reason why you get such fantastic pictures! ”
Silke and Ian

"First of all we didn't expect to receive 1000 pictures:)
It took us few hours to get them sorted and choose our favourites. They are beautiful!!!
And we had some much fun while you were taking them. And as we both are actually camera shy, it was unexpected how comfortable we both felt having you around. Thank you very much.”
Eagle and Robin

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